Sell live chat software

Make moneyWhy re-sell live chat?

Do you have a website tailored to users who may want to use software like live chat on their websites?

You could have an untapped potential income by selling IMsupporting live chat to them.

Simply advertise IMsupporting with your own special "Link" and we will PAY YOU! each time the visitor buys a months subscription with us!

How much do we pay?

We pay you 30% of every transaction every time every month for as long as the client is a paying customer of ours.

For example, If you sent a client to us and they spent £100. You would get £30 minus transaction fees.

In total you could expect to earn just over £28 per month every month from just ONE user!

Unfortunatley we only accept carefully screened applicants, Please email for more information

Recurring Revenue About live chat affiliates

Make money Time and Time again with recurring payments month after month by using the IMsupporting affiliate programe.

We not only pay you for every new paying client but we also pay you for each month that client stays with us.

On top of great earning potential, we give you access to a great real-time reporting dashboard. You can view how many visitors you have sent to us, How many signed up and even how many are now paying.

See how much money you have made and request cashouts at any time.

How do we pay you?

If you do not request a cashout, We will automatically pay you via PayPal monthly. There is no lower earning limit.


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Live Chat Affiliate Program. Earn money from reselling live chat software.

Sign up, Earn recurring monthly revenue from selling live chat.