up to 30% commission per saleBy selling live chat services to your customers or visitors you can earn recurring revenue quickly and easily.

We currently offer 30% reccuring payments for each transaction a referring visitor does every month.

If you were to send one single visitor who signs up and then spends £100 with us per month.
YOU would earn £30 PER MONTH! Just off that one user. Every month for the life of that customer.



How much could I make per sale?

Percentage How to achieve it
30% Simply sign up, 30% is default. (£30 for every £100)
35% Power affiliate. High performing affiliates. 1000+ unique visitors per month.
(Non paying referalls)
40% + Depending on affiliate performance (Multiple paying refferals per month)


We use PayPal for all transactions. You will be paid monthly into your own PayPal account.

Simply register for an affiliate account. Login and then start sharing your unique web address. This address will mark your visitors with your account. If they then go on to buy a product, we will pay you.

Please note:
You cannot become an affiliate for yourself. Ie: You cannot have an IMsupporting chat account and then use this system to gain personal discounts.
All transactions are monitored and if you are found to be abusing the system, your account will be locked and all funds removed.


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Live Chat Affiliate - How much can you make?