- Do you have customers who may want to use live chat software on their websites?
- Do you design websites and your clients ask to install live chat?
- Do you want to make some money from the visitors on your website?

By reselling live chat software or sometimes reffered to as live support chat, you can make money month after month by taking a cut of the sale.


For example:
Lets say you design websites and your clients want live chat on their own website. Why would you simply go to a provider, pay them money and then put the chat on the site for your user?
Wouldnt it be better if you got a cut of that money each and every month?

With LiveChatAffiliate, You can!
For every person that signs up using your special link, we will give you a percentage of the money they pay IMsupporting.
Percentages can vary but start at around 30% . This can increase as you refer more and more clients.


Making money with live chat is very simple.
Simply register for an affiliate account. Login and then start sharing your unique web address. This address will mark your visitors with your account. If they then go on to buy a product, we will pay you.


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Live Chat Affiliate - Why sell live chat and live support

Why would you want to resell live chat software to your customers?