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Become a live chat affiliate and partner with imsupporting. Earn up to 30% reccuring revenue each month.

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Simply Refer Users and earn Up To 30%

You can earn £1000's per month simply by becoming a parter with IMsupporting. Resell the live chat software and get up to a massive 30% (Even higher for platinum marketers)

You dont even need to continually market. You get RECURRING revenue. Every month one of your refferals stays with IMsupporting, You get a percentage!

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By becoming a live chat affiliate / partner. You can create your own marketing business at home! Simply market our software and you get a percentage of ALL SALES!

If the client you refer stays with IMsupporting, You will get the same money, recurring monthly for as long as the contract stays active

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Example Earning

If you reffered someone who signed up to our Bespoke Package (starting from £299 per month)

You could expect to earn £1000 PER MONTH! with only 11 refferals! .

Flexible Payments

We pay all Partners by default via PayPal. A worldwide online payments platform. If you would prefer, we can also pay via Amazon vouchers and direct bank transfers (For Platinum Partners)

Payments are paid monthly with only a 1 month pending period

Realtime Dashboard

Use our partners portal to see in realtime how your marketing is performing. Use project TAGs to identify traffic sources and see visitors in realtime.

View how much you have earnt and how much is waiting to be paid at any time.

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Marketing Performance and Stats

View how you are performing in realtime. See who you are reffering and who is signing up and from where.

Track your conversion and monitor how well each campaign is performing

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